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  • RSE, Rugged System-On-Module Express (ANSI-VITA 59 in process)
  • Intel® Atom™ Z510P, Z530P, Z510PT, Z520PT
  • Up to 2 GB DDR2 SDRAM
  • Up to 2 PCI Express®
  • Up to 1 Gb Ethernet
  • 1 SATA port
  • 8 USB 2.0
  • Intel® HD Audio
  • -40°C to +85°C screened or qualified
  • Conduction cooling



The XM1L is a Computer-On-Module of the ESMexpress® family in accordance with a proposed ANSI standard currently under development (ANSI-VITA 59, RSE Rugged System-On-Module Express). Together with an application-specific carrier board it forms a semicustom solution for industrial, harsh, mobile and mission-critical environments.

The XM1L is controlled by the Intel® Atom™ XL processor, an IA-32 core based on 45nm process technology which is qualified for the industrial temperature range. Due to the power architecture of the Intel® Atom™ CPU, the XM1L has a total power consumption of max. 5 to 7 Watts, while having a clock frequency of up to 1.6 GHz. The XM1L accommodates up to 2 GB of directly soldered main memory and supports other memory like USB Flash on the carrier board.

Interfaces from the Intel® System Controller Hub US15WP are optimized using exclusively modern serial standards and are all routed from the XM1L for availability on any ESMexpress® carrier board. Depending on the version of XM1L, those interfaces include a combination of PCI Express® links, LVDS, SDVO, high-definition audio, SATA, Ethernet with wakeon- LAN functionality, and USB. Additional COM interfaces can be made available on the carrier board via USB to COM conversion.

The XM1L is completed by a board management controller for temperature and power supervision. It comes with a Phoenix® Award BIOS configurable for the final application.

The XM1L is screened or qualified for operation in a -40°C to +85°C conduction or convection cooled environment. As all ESMexpress® modules it is embedded in a covered frame. This ensures EMC protection and allows efficient conductive cooling.

Air cooling is also possible by applying a heat sink on top of the cover. Where operation temperatures are moderate, the module may even do without the frame and cover, with a suitable low-power processor and airflow. ESMexpress® modules are firmly screwed to a carrier board and come with rugged industry-proven connectors supporting high frequency and differential signals. Only soldered components are used to withstand shock and vibration, and the design is optimized for conformal coating. All ESMexpress® modules support a single 95x125mm form factor.

For evaluation and development purposes an ATX carrier board is available. The ESMexpress® module can be evaluated on a COM Express™ carrier board via an adapter from ESMexpress® to COM Express™.