Tracan Electronics Corporation
Specialized Services

From design to delivery, Tracan customers choose exactly the service or combination of services they require.

Tracan services can start at any point in the development or production process of a project. Our customers count on our flexibility to provide any or all of concept, design, integration, production, testing or simple COTS component delivery. Our clients keep their costs down and their internal overhead low when they rely on Tracan’s extensive experience and technical expertise.

Our range of Specialized Services include:

  • Design Assistance / Engineering Support
  • Custom Engineering
  • Project Management
  • System Integration
  • Project Documentation
  • Software Support
  • Factory Acceptance Testing
  • Qualification Testing
    • Shock & Vibration Testing
    • Thermal Testing
    • UL & CSA
    • Industry Canada / FCC
  • Ruggedization Services
  • Warranty and Repair
  • Engineering Change Order (ECO)
  • End of Life Management (EOL)