Tracan Electronics Corporation

We provide fully integrated solutions. Whether it is a customized COTS integration or a fully customized design, Tracan can provide all the elements to provide a turnkey solution in a timeframe that will surprise you.

Using our unique building block approach, Tracan utilizes a deep array of pre-proven design elements to realize designs while reducing risk and time to market concerns. We don't just stop at COTS level integration, but can deliver custom electronic designs, base boards for system on modules and system on chips, enclosures for commercial or rugged environments as well as a full array of software support.

We understand the complexities of today's design, be it thermal & power management, component life cycle management, packaging technologies such as die cast or injection molding, real-time operating systems. We are capable of bringing the right technology to your application. We pride ourselves to finding you the perfect fit technology for your requirement.

We glad to anounce our last fully integrated solution for company.

Golf Cart GPS System