Tracan Electronics Corporation

iCLX Rugged Datalogger

Environmentally Sealed Datalogger with internal shock and vibration isolation and integrated UPS.

A flexible hardware platform

In the Mining Industry asset management is frequently achieved through the installation of a wide variety of dataloggers each required for a specific task. This reality makes it necessary to carry spare inventory of multiple dataloggers and requires technicians to be familiar with multiple systems. The flexibility of the iCLX makes it possible to use one standard piece of hardware for all your datalogging needs. This is accomplished through the configuration and deployment of one hardware platform, reducing the variety and often the quantity of dataloggers required for your fleet.

Increasing your productivity

Reliability is the key to any successful asset management solution. In a mining environment this is particularly true due to the cost of the equipment and the scale of the operation. The iCLX is focused on providing timely and accurate data, operating seamlessly without drawing attention. This allows our customers to focus their attention on the maintenance and performance of their fleet.

Rugged solution by design

Operating a computer system in a mobile environment is no small task. Mining presents additional challenges of seasonal weather changes and the stress of shock and vibration, requiring the design of any product to meet these demands. The iCLX addresses these issues by utilizing an environmentally sealed enclosure with internal shock and vibration isolation. The design also incorporates a high performance UPS power supply designed specifically for vehicle integration.

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