Tracan Electronics Corporation
Project Management

Project management includes product ordering, expediting, job scheduling, production / integration, testing, documentation and timely delivery.

We take the responsibility for the procurement and receipt of all board-level and system-level components for the purpose of mechanical and electrical integration.  We are committed to managing delivery schedules to meet customer deadlines and our Quality Assurance Plan and ISO certification guarantees exceptional product handling.

Every project has a designated portion in our integration lab and several technicians are trained in each project to assure deliverability of properly integrated and tested systems.

Management of a complete audit trail database for each project includes piece part and subassembly serial numbers, task lists, customization or modification details, project costs, diagnostics, and specialized test procedures and results.

A Product Status Report can be generated and outlines the particulars of products shipped to customer, customer returns, inventories and evaluations. A detailed printout by product serial number is also available from Tracan's standard computerized record keeping.

Our customers are relieved of the different tasks in managing a project and can concentrate on their core competencies when they choose Tracan as a partner.