Tracan Electronics Corporation
Design Assistance

Tracan is not just another distributor.  We are a solutions provider.  With our technical expertise we can recommend complete solutions for your requirements.  It may just be a product or a complete COTS integration all the way to a customized engineered solution.

We are driven by your requirements and can be viewed as an extension of your engineering and production departments.

This covers specification review, product recommendation, systems configuration and BOM (Bill of Materials) to ensure a technically superior solution.

Our design service follows a process that engages the customer from start to completion:

First, we determine the existence of written specifications that outline the basic hardware functionality of the project.  Business-related data are also gathered at this point, such as, different configurations of the products required, specific quantities and target prototype and production dates.

Although the project scope and specifications are defined by the customer, it is part of Tracan's service to provide input and suggestions based on our extensive embedded design expertise to streamline and accelerate the design process.  When we have a good understanding of the customer's vision, we provide costs, lead times and a SOW (Statement of Work) document.

Once the customer signs off on a project and contracts Tracan for the design work, a Design Project Plan (DPP) is drafted. This document includes all project specifications, design input parameters, drawings etc, and can be written by Tracan or the customer, if they prefer to follow a corporate-adopted format.

Designs can be completed in as little as 2 weeks and complete integrated solutions in as little as 6 weeks.