Tracan Electronics Corporation
Custom Engineering & Manufacture

When Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) hardware or software is not available, a custom solution can be designed, engineered and fabricated to suit specific requirements.

Tracan delivers high quality, reliable solutions in as little as 6 weeks.

Our goal is to meet the project objectives defined by our customers.

Our engineering services include embedded board design, software development, mechanical design, custom integration, cable harness design, and custom test procedures.

Ownership of design is transferred over to the customer after a set number of production units have been built by Tracan.  This set number depends on each business case.  Ownership can also be transferred for a flat fee.  Cable harness design and manufacture are completed at Tracan's Calgary facilities.

All final assemblies and tests are undertaken at our Toronto or Calgary facilities following our ISO9001:2000 process.

A partnership with Tracan means:

  • reduced product development cycles
  • reduced time to market
  • reduced internal project costs
  • reduced NRE costs

We utilize the following design tools:

  • Mentor Graphics DXDesigner
  • Mentor Graphics Expedition
  • Siemens SolidEdge
  • Altium Designer
  • Xilinx Tool Chain
  • QNX Momentics IDE
  • IAR Tools