Tracan Electronics Corporation
Design Process
Design Process


The Design Process begins with a customer requirement.  This requirement is then documented in a Design Project Plan, called a DPP.  The creation of the DPP is a combined effort usually between the customer and Tracan's Engineering department.

The DPP contains all the deliverables and functional requirements for the project.   Once this is completed the business engagement is discussed.  This includes NRE and production quotations, timelines and resource allocation.  It is also at this point where the Customer commits a Purchase Order for the design of the product.

On receipt of the Purchase Order, The design, prototype and validation against the DPP takes place.  There are several steps which can involve customer involvement in this stage.  This can include mechanical or schematic approvals as examples.  As well, final production costing is determined based on a final bill of materials.

The final prototype is delivered to the customer for approval.  Only after customer approval can production take place.  Once the prototype is approved, production orders can be taken and fulfilled.