Tracan Electronics Corporation
Why Tracan?

Simply, our People.

With over three decades of seasoned engineering talent, Tracan is uniquely capable of recognizing the needs of complex projects, thereby providing customers with solutions that are both responsive and cost effective.

Our long list of specialized services and diverse product line allows us to deliver solutions that enable customers to focus on their core businesses instead of diverting resources to design or integrate required sub-systems. Our specialized technical and logistical resources help drive computing projects forward and reduce risk of project delays or termination.

Our proven processes and capabilities create complete solutions by:

  • meeting all required specifications
  • staying within budget, and
  • reducing time to market.

Tracan is a national company with sales offices across Canada and two design, manufacturing and integration facilities in Toronto and Calgary. We are ISO9001:2000 certified and follow a stringent Quality Assurance Plan. Therefore, our customers can count on exceptional assembly and test processes and product handling by Tracan Electronics.

Customers can rely on each and every member of the Tracan team to commit to the success of their projects.