Tracan Electronics Corporation
Tracan History

Tracan Electronics was founded on March 1st, 1974 by Valdu Loit.  It was initially formed as a component Representative and Distributor with offices in Toronto, Montreal and Ottawa

1980's Represented a shift from component-level product to board-level product.  Storage devices and peripherals were added to the product offering.
1990's Focused on board-level and systems distribution.  COTS integration was offered as a value added service.  A Vancouver office was created to service the provinces of British Columbia and Alberta.  A strong technical capability was developed during these years to support our offerings.
2000's Represented a major shift to solutions.  COTS integration became a standard offering.  New engineering services were being offered to maximize our technical capabilities.  Custom design and manufacturing were added to augment the product offering from our supplier base.  This put Tracan in the position of being able to offer customer driven solutions.
2006 Tracan acquired ComputerState Systems in Calgary.  This added a second integration facility to our capabilities as well as full coverage for the province of Alberta where Oil and Gas was becoming a target industry.  The acquisition increased our capacity for ruggedized solutions.  By leveraging Tracan's expertise in Engineering, we were able to offer very ruggedized solutions for harsh environments.
2009 We continue to strengthen our solutions capabilities.  We have an embedded system focus with our unique building block approach that allows us to address many of today's technologies and embedded applications.